What's Gifty?

Gifty is a fantastic, friendly gift exchange between web pals. The purpose of this project is to unite the weblog community by spreading cheer, love, and fun through the mail!

Who Can Join?

Why you of course! That's provided that you have a current, maintained blog or website.

Membership in Gifty! is voluntary and operates on a Round to Round basis (meaning you need to enroll each Round -- you only participate when you want to or when time permits!).

How Much is it?

Except for the gift and postage, Gifty! is free to join.
The quoted monetary amount to spend on each round is a suggestion, not a requirement. It simply sets monetary parameters for participants, and remember that ultimately it's the Gifty! thought that counts.

What Do I Send?

Each Gifty! round will have a theme (suggestions are highly encouraged!). Take a peek at past rounds to discover for yourself what kind of goodness has been sent through the mail.

Who Gets my Info?

Your personal information sheet (i.e. mailing address, interests etc) will be kept by me (Leslie). Your information will only be given out to the blogger sending you goodies in the mail.

Are There Deadlines?

Each Gifty Round will be closed by the enrollment deadline or when the maximum amount of participants has been reached (whichever comes first).

Each round of Gifty! will have a deadline by which to send off your goodies. Please, please, please keep this as a firm deadline. You wouldn’t want a ticked off blog buddy, would you?

Principles of Gifty

This program is based upon the belief that people are genuine and honest, therefore, by participating in this program you are placing your trust and faith in fellow bloggers. We here at Gifty headquarters will not be held responsible for any lost, damaged or unreceived packages.

Okay Now, How Can I get in Touch with You?

We are easily reached by e-mail. Please send all questions/bio information to: Leslie